18" Pontoon Pier Advantage Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Every NyDock includes:

  • NyDock premium hinges
  • 2x6 pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • 18" diameter pontoons
  • Incredible stability
  • Lifetime pontoon warranty
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Pontoons safe to leave in the ice throughout winter
  • Compensates for fluctuating water levels
  • Convenient through-deck access hatches
  • Premium flip-up powder-coated cleats

Southern Yellow Pine

Docks - Southern Yellow Pine PT 2x6 Decking

All prices are listed in USD

(Prices subject to change or correction without notice)

Width Length
16' 20' 24' 30' 32'
8' $6,099 $6,999 $8,899 $11,999 $12,199
10' $10,099 $11,899 $15,599 $15,999
12' $10,799 $12,799 $16,599 $17,299
16' $15,299 $17,899 $23,199 $24,599
20' $21,499 $24,099 $31,799 $32,799
24' $25,899 $33,499 $35,499

Ramps - Southern Yellow Pine PT 2x6 Decking

Width Length
8' 10' 12'
4' $1,999 $2,299 $2,699
6' $2,599 $2,799 $2,999



Pier Advantage

Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking

Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking, exclu­sively designed for waterfront applications, is a natural and environmentally-friendly solu­tion for docks, piers and boardwalks. Made from the highest grade (C & better), dimen­sionaly stable Southern Yellow Pine, every board is hand-selected for quality and appear­ance. You'll find Pier Advantage to be straight­er, with less wane than competitive marine dock planking. Additionally these planks are engineered with eased edges and stress-relief grooves for the finest look and performance available. Treated to maximize longevity, build a stable and secure dock with Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking.



Southern Yellow Pine

1Top quality, appearance-grade lumber

2Radius edge profile

3Stress-relief grooves



Why Three Pontoons?

Due to the weight of this material the dock requires additional flotation. The addition of a centre pontoon and heavy lumber allows for many positive benefits including a noticeable increase in the docks stability. Building the dock heavier makes it more difficult to be moved by waves and occupants experience less motion. The additional pontoon also supports the dock both at the sides and the centre creating a more rigid frame for wider platforms.

Three pontoons



Pontoon Bracket

1 1" Thick HDPE Bracket

52 inches of weld on every bracket. Brackets are welded to the pontoon surface to preserve its integrity

2 1" Thick HDPE Cap

Fusion-welded cap forms a monolithic seal that is free of joints or seams.

3 Nydock 18" Pontoon

Minimum wall thickness of 1/2". Contains 2%-3% dispersed carbon black for UV stability. Sinking weight load is 97 lbs per linear foot. Lifetime warranty. Virtually indestructable design. Does not contain any harmful foam or expanded polystyrene.

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