Thanks to the revolutionary design of our NyDock floating docks, Pipefusion Services Inc. is the industry leader in rugged and dependable floating docks.


In 1981, Jan Nyquist started Pipefusion to provide fusion and custom fabrication of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for mining, municipal and industrial applications. As a Muskoka resident, he also saw the need for a durable floating dock that could accommodate fluctuating water levels and safely endure our harsh winters. And he knew just how to make one. The company’s durable HDPE pipes were proven to reliably withstand fluctuations in temperature and pressure in extreme conditions. If they could do that, Jan knew they would make ideal pontoons for floating docks and NyDock was born. With this unique flotation system as the foundation on which all NyDock floating docks are built, it’s easy to understand why we are able to offer a lifetime warranty against leaks. NyDock floating docks are durable, practical, and cost effective, and have garnered attention worldwide for their equally impressive performance in fresh and salt water settings. We are thankful for our customers and also our employees whose experience and attention to detail make up the finest team of dock builders in the industry and have made NyDock the floating dock system of choice.

"Putting the customer first, that's what makes the difference"