Water levels are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Snowmelt or heavy spring rains can leave your boathouse flooded, while a dry summer could leave it high and dry. But with a floating boathouse, those problems are nearly erased!

NyDock’s floating boathouses begin with a solid base: our in-house-fabricated pontoons are made from incredibly tough and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is used in mining, municipal, and industrial applications. Unlike steel, these pontoons will never rust, rot, corrode, or require painting. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly – they will never leach contaminants and have a considerably longer lifespan than steel pontoons.

Our on-site installation time is typically only 1-2 weeks, so your waterfront fun will only have minimal disruption.

And with pricing far less than steel pile or crib structures, a floating boathouse is also easy on your bank account! Get a better boathouse for less. Get a NyDock!

Contact us today to find out if your waterfront is suitable for a floating boathouse.





Pricing and specifications

The turnkey price of your new 20’ x 30’ floating boathouse is

Prices Starting from $195,000*

This price includes:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Trucking and crane offloading*
  • Final assembly & installation at your site*
  • Steel strong arms and mounting to stone (subject to shoreline suitability). Driven piles as an alternate option may have additional charges.
  • Concrete anchoring weights and placement by barge
  • 20ft-long ramp with railings between shoreline and boathouse
  • Standard finishes:
    • Micropro Sienna pressure-treated dock framing and decking
    • Steel roofing
    • Vinyl siding
    • Aluminum soffit & fascia
    • White vinyl windows
    • Steel entrance door
    • White non-insulated manual garage door

*Pricing may be adjusted based on building site location and access, such as island properties or remote-access properties where additional delivery allowances may be required

(Note: interior wall finishing is not included.)


Additional considerations

  • Not all sites are suitable for a NyDock floating boathouse. Sites must have adequate year-round water depth (approx. 4-6ft) within approx. 24ft of the shoreline to allow ramp access and securing via strong arms. The lake/river must have a suitable location for access by a 50ft transport truck and crane to offload the platform sections into the water. Often a nearby boat launch ramp or marina is sufficient. NyDock will assess each location and may adjust pricing or decline the opportunity based on our experience.
  • Building permits are the responsibility of the property owner. NyDock will assist in the permitting process in so far as submitting engineered drawings to your local municipality for permit application.
  • NyDock floating boathouses are not compatible with roof-slung boat lifts – the added weight of some boats would exceed the floatation reserves of the boathouse pontoons. However, lake-bed-mounted boat lifts are perfectly compatible with the boathouses.
  • NyDock floating boathouses carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty on the pontoons only. The structure is engineered to meet or exceed the Ontario Building Code and as such carries no additional warranties.






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