Complete with our durable HDPE pontoons, your Boathouse will always be at the correct height for getting in and out of your boat, and free from the troubles that fluctuating water levels can cause with fixed boathouses.

Our NyDock Floating Boathouses eliminate the risk that 20 year fluctuations in water levels can cause leaving your fixed boathouse high and dry, or flooded out. Our NyDock Floating Boathouses can even be moved our to deeper water, or to a different location on your property if needed.

At the heart of every NyDock Floating Boathouse system are our pontoons made from incredibly tough, durable, high density polyethylene used in mining, municipal and industrial applications. Unlike steel, these pontoons will never rust, rot, corrode or require painting.

They are totally environmentally friendly and will never leach contaminants into the water. Steel pontoons are costly to maintain and do not have near the life expectancy as our HDPE pontoons. The choice of a NyDock Floating Boathouse couldn't be more clear. At costs far less than steel pile, or crib structures - it's also easy on your pocketbook!



Permits & Build Information

From the permit application to parking your boat in less than a month is quite possible. Our packages come complete with engineered drawings required for your permit. So long as your lot is large enough to allow a boathouse, our designs will be approved and we are underway.

From there a contractor can finish it to your specifications, or you can even do the finishing work as the homeowner. Siding, windows and doors are all that is required to finish your boathouse. We even provide you with a breakdown of finishing allowances so you can have a total estimate for the project. An advantage to our packages compared to crib built boathouses or steel pile boathouses is also cost, where our system can cost as much as $100,000 less!

Protect your boat from the elements and create additional storage space with confidence. We offer pre-engineered single slip boathouses as well as custom designs. NyDock Floating Boathouses are the clear choice for practicality, cost, style and craftsmanship to offer you the ultimate waterfront experience.

Nydock 20' x 24' Floating Boathouse Package Erected


  • Docks and Framing assembled by Pipefusion
  • Secured and Anchored to your shoreline
  • Ready for shingles and siding
  • Fast installation

Finishings Available

  • Asphalt Shingles or Steel Roof
  • Pre-Finished Wood Siding or Vinyl Siding
  • Soffit, Fascia & Trim
  • Windows (2' x 3')
  • Door (30" x 80")
  • Garage Door


  • Complete with engineered drawings for fast permit applications
  • Large 24" diameter pontoons
  • Will never rust, unlike steel structures
  • Compensates for fluctuating water levels
  • Always at correct height for your boat
  • More affordable than steel piles or cribs
  • Delivered and erected quickly
  • Built to last generations

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