NyDock Dealers

NyDock’s dealer network is driven to provide the highest level of service to its customers by providing the best floating docks in the market, delivered and installed perfectly. This means that every person involved is encouraged to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers by providing exceptional service. This commitment to delivering the highest level of fit, finish and fabrication is reflected in the company’s positive, supportive working environment.

Dealers have distinct advantages partnering with a long-standing leader in the floating dock and high-density polyethylene product manufacturing business. We provide support for sales, installation, product innovation, dock customization, technology integration and more to help dealers achieve a higher level of sales and service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will dealers be able to attend major trade shows?

How does the NyDock website listing and lead generation benefit dealers?

How does the purchase program and dealer stocking order work?

What is the dealer incentive?

Does NyDock have a warranty?

Do I have a protected territory?

What type of dock design support does NyDock provide?

What installation or sales training does NyDock offer?


NyDock Tradeshow

Do you help promote my business?

NyDock brochures are used to introduce our products to prospective clients. Dealers are provided with digital literature, and the dealer extranet provides a supply of graphics and photos for creation of the dealer’s own individual promotional materials. This is accompanied by a co-op advertisement program that pays the dealers to advertise their business and NyDock floating docks to their customers.

NyDock provides to each dealer the use of (2) highway sign advertisements that are to be placed near the dealer wherever they see fit to generate the largest amount of new leads. Highway signs provide the dealer with a 24/7 marketing promotion the moment they erect the signs; the signs make a large impact and keep your business top of mind for potential new dock purchasers in your area.

NyDock Billboard


Dealer Testimonials

As a marina owner/operator I needed a docking system that I could leave in place over our harsh winter conditions. This product is the answer. As a
NYDOCK Dealer of 5 years I have never had a warranty claim, saving me time and money.

All my customers appreciate the stability of the NYDOCK and the excellent warranty that it comes with.

- Joe Dunkerley Anchorage Marina Jack Lake Apsley On. Authorized NyDock Dealer.

In 2015 our Marina was in need of a docking system to replace some of our older docks. After months of research we landed on the Nydock products and decided that this was the best long term solution for us. After installing 800 feet of new docks we loved the product so much that we decided to become a dealer. In 2016 we signed on as the Kingston and surrounding area dealership and since that time the Nydock business has quickly become an excellent second source of income for the marina. We continue to grow with the help of Chris Ivanov, the sales manager and the support from the rest of the Nydock team.

- Dean Taylor, Treasure Island Marina 1753 Hwy 2 East, Kingston, On