Allan Schunrr Sales Marketing Manager

Allan Schunrr

Sales & Marketing Manager - NyDock

Allan Schnurr joined Pipefusion Services (NyDock) in 2019 to meet the increasing and unprecedented demand for the piping and fittings sectors of our business and to manage the daily challenges and opportunities in our complex and diverse manufacturing operations. He also manages sales of our polyethylene pipe, fusion services, fittings, culverts, and septic products. In February of 2024, Allan’s role was expanded to include the sales and marketing of our dock and pontoon products.

Allan grew up in Walkerton, Ontario, and earned an Mechanical Engineering Diploma at Conestoga College. He acquired over 20 years of experience in lean and just-in-time manufacturing techniques while working with major automotive and oil and gas manufacturing companies which support these industry sectors. It is this well-rounded background in product testing, design engineering, and process engineering combined with his pleasant personality which make Allan such a valuable member of our team.

When not at work, Allan loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, fishing, hunting, playing baseball or hockey, and exploring local forests on his ATV with friends.

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