Installing a Floating Dock For Your Pond

NyDock floating dock installed on a pond.

Having a pond on your residential property is like having an aquatic centrepiece in your yard filled with a diverse ecosystem and ready for you to enjoy. Having the right dock in your pond helps you reach the full potential of your backyard oasis. 

However, with ponds being much smaller than lakes, pond owners need to consider what makes a dock right for their pond.

A custom floating dock made from environmentally friendly materials with the durability to last all winter is the answer.

The Elements of a Pond

Whether a pond is man-made or natural, most ponds are irregular shapes. This occurs both naturally and is a unique design effect used by many designing ponds to ensure an “edge” effect. Ponds often have irregular depths and shapes that may change in their lifetime. These are all things to consider when thinking about designing your dock.

NyDock floating docks are customizable and durable to ensure that you are able to enjoy your pond with a lifetime warranty. NyDock, Pipefusion’s floating dock systems, are unique because they are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. This means that your dock can safely stay installed all winter for minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment.

Should I get a Dock for my Pond?

A floating dock is a great idea for any pond owner who is looking to swim in their pond, entertain by the water, or lounge on a dock patio. NyDock floating docks come in customizable designs that make it easy for you to pick the right dock for your pond.

Floating docks are better suited to ponds than fixed docks because ponds tend to have weaker foundations for anchoring. NyDock floating docks can be attached to a rocky shoreline or soft sand making them ideal for ponds with water level fluctuations. 

Ponds come in all shapes and sizes with different access points depending on your property. The NyDock team is committed to finding a dock that works for your pond.

NyDock floating dock installed on a pond.

Image Source: Canadian Waterfront Services Limited, NyDock Dealer

“This was a difficult “remote-access” site. There was no access to any of our traditional equipment, and all the required materials and tools had to be carried in by hand piece by piece. The entire project was planned, transported and assembled in the wintertime on the ponds ice surface. [...] Even with the difficulties of this site location and remote access, we were still able to assemble the project in about 7 days.” - Stephen Cartwright Canadian Waterfront Services

The NyDock team can find a solution that works for your pond and ensure quick and easy installation so you can enjoy your pond.

NyDock digital design of the lounge, the Big T, and the Classic floating dock design.

Finding the right dock for your pond is easy with NyDocks customizable dock designs. With three popular shapes to choose from for residential docks, you are able to easily choose a custom-built quality dock. The NyDock has various height pipes for different water levels. All NyDock floating docks are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe that is leakproof and environmentally sourced. This means that you can rest assured that your dock will last a lifetime and be safe for the people and wildlife on your property. 

NyDock floating docks are made to last through the bright sunny days and cold winters. You can leave your floating dock installed during the winter months without the ice damaging your dock. The quality craftsmanship of the NyDock means that your dock will not rust, rot or decay like crib docks. The NyDock is made to last a lifetime for your enjoyment.

Designing your Custom Pond Dock

If you are ready for a pond dock that will last you a lifetime, it’s time to connect with NyDock or a NyDock dealer to build your custom solution. 

By going the custom dock route, you’ll be able to create a dock that works for your pond depth, size, and it’s shore platform. See our simple dock and ramp arrangement below as a reference.

Digital diagram of NyDock floating dock in water Digital Diagram of NyDock floating dock arrangement

Installing Your Pond Dock

Our NyDock team will work with you to make sure your dock is installed in even the toughest access points. We provide full installation services with the purchase of a NyDock floating dock and our experienced team is ready to tackle your floating dock for a seamless and timely installation process.

Tools and materials for building the NyDock floating dock during construction.

Image Source: Canadian Waterfront Services Limited, NyDock Dealer 

“This dock system was completed for a resort and used in the pond for events, most of which are musical performances and shows. This project creates a unique perspective to showcase musical performances for public audiences as the stage is in the middle of the pond and faces four waterfront restaurants. 

This site had semi-restricted access to the pond for our equipment and delivery was a modest challenge [...] Because the finished dock was going to be 24’ wide, the dock sections could only be partially assembled by NyDock in their Huntsville workshop. We transported the sections to the pond and picked up the remaining construction from there. 

We connected the partially assembled dock sections together to create a large floating “stage”, constructed a simple pergola, built a custom angled ramp and finished the assembly with approx: 48’ of floating boardwalk to access the stage. This project took us about three days to install once all the material was on site.” -  Stephen Cartwright Canadian Waterfront Services Limited

Our NyDock experts are ready to work with you to install your floating dock on your shoreline, whether rock, sand, rouble, or even an existing dock. Our team is here to provide you with a fast and seamless installation process so you can enjoy your dock and make lasting memories. 

Contact NyDock or a NyDock Dealer near you to get a quote for your floating dock.