Dock Installation Services

How do we connect a NyDock to your shoreline? We offer complete installation services. Our experts provide you with a ready-to-use and seamlessly integrated docking solution that complements your property's waterfront. Our years of experience allow us to quickly assess, quote, and install your dock, regardless of your shoreline type.




A Rocky Shoreline

It doesn’t matter if you have the smooth, flat stone of a stone stair tread or a rugged, uneven rock waterfront that nature has provided. On even the most uneven of rock surfaces, we can drill, set anchors and create a secure shore connection for your new dock. This option offers the security of attaching to Mother Earth and offers an aesthetically pleasing shorefront integration.

Sand, Soil, or a Rubble Shoreline?

The most common shore connection for properties that have a sand, soil or grass waterfront is to construct a shore platform of 6x6 pressure treated lumber. This is a box built with a floor and filled with rock, decked to match your NyDock. It brings a seamless look to your dock connection, while providing a secure connection to the shore that is sure to last. This type of shore platform can be created as big or small as you like. Custom shapes are also available to match your unique waterfront.

Just Adding On?

Often times you are simply expanding or have a need to replace an old or inadequate dock. We can bolt hinges to your existing floating dock that will bring the new and the old together. If you have an existing deck at waters’ edge or a crib dock, we can connect hinges and attach it to our ramp and dock combination. This includes boathouses, crib docks, and pile driven docks. By placing a ramp between your fixed structure and your new floating dock, we are able to facilitate any changes in water height give you all the expanded dock space that you desire.