Frequently Asked Questions

What special tools are required for the Do-It-Yourselfer?

Can the dock be installed, or can I do it myself?

How do I know what type of installation is best for me, on my property?

What should I know before I build and install a NyDock?

Is there any risk at all in leaving them in the water over the winter?

Can the NyDock be left in the water over the winter?

Can I reconfigure or move the NyDock?

How high does the NyDock sit out of the water?

How stable is a NyDock?

How do I attach the NyDock to my shoreline?

What is the maximum length and width of a NyDock?

What type of construction do you use to build the NyDock?

How much does an 18” pontoon weigh?

How much flotation will each 18” pontoon provide per foot?

What is the wall thickness of a NyDock pontoon?

What is the diameter of the NyDock pontoons?

What is the life expectancy of the NyDock pontoons?

What material are the NyDock pontoons made of?


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.