Big T

The Original Design

The “Big T” is where NyDock’s popularity began – it has been our most-purchased design for many years. This configuration offers many advantages: it can shelter your boat from oncoming waves, it has a great seating area, and it can get you out far enough from shore to get a few extra hours of sunlight. You can achieve this stunning look with just a ramp or with a series of docks.

The Big T Dock


The Big T

Standard Features

The “Big T” features our standard NyDock 7” Canadian-made cast aluminum and powder-coated flip cleats, heavy-duty galvanized steel hinges with hinge pins, decked with MicroPro Sienna ultimate pressure treated 2×6 decking. The assembly is attached to shore by our NyDock shore platform and secured in place with 4 of our 330lb concrete weights. A premium “P” profile bumper has been added to create a gentle surface for your boat. It also has a dock ladder for swimming.

The Nydock Difference

When you decide it's time for a new docking system, you can't ignore the quality, ease of ownership and convenient design of our NyDock products.

Freeze in Ice Technology Lifetime Warranty Environmentally Friendly Built To Last

Specifications & Pricing

NyDock floating docks built on our rugged and durable dock pontoons have quickly become the #1 choice for residential and cottage docks. They will never rust, leak, crack, dent, or require painting. Cottage owners agree that our docking system ranks highest in overall post purchase consumer satisfaction above all other brands. Our docks are built to exceed Ontario building code for commercial load requirements.

Sizes As Shown: 12′ x 24′ and 8′ x 24′

All Nydock Docks - Specifications
Specification Included
Galvanized heavy duty hinge hardware
1.5” Decking – MicroPro Sienna® Wood
18” Diameter Pontoons
Incredible Stability
Lifetime Pontoon Warranty
Virtually maintenance free
Safe to leave in ice for winter
Compensates for fluctuating water levels
Convenient through deck access hatches
Premium flip-up powder coated cleats

The Perfect Height Every Time

Imagine your docks always being the same height off the water, regardless of seasonal water level fluctuations. No more flooded docks in the spring, or docks too high off the water in the fall. NyDock floating docks offer the advantage of being at a consistent height relative to your boat, every day, all season long.

With two sizes of pontoons available, you choose the height that is most appropriate for the size for your boat. Our 18” diameter pontoon design is a cost-effective choice. With 16” of freeboard, it meets the requirements of most small- to medium-sized boats and has been our standard for many of our residential docking systems.

Our 24” diameter pontoon allows for 22” of freeboard and has quickly become the mainstream choice for large boats. The height of the deck in relation to the water combined with additional buoyancy creates the ultimate high-freeboard residential dock.


How A NyDock Works